Sixth Grade Jewish Studies Den Blog - October

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In the past week, I have heard phrases like “I LOVE JCAT!!!!!” and “Can we pleaseeeeee work on JCAT today?” I am so thrilled that our students are having a great time being engaged with their new characters. They have done extensive research on their character, and have created a “resume” introducing themselves to the JCAT community. They are busy meeting and greeting other students on JCAT, and will soon begin posting their opinions in response to the exhibits brought to help us become more familiar with the “case” this year.
Students are expected to log on twice per week at home to “catch up” on messages and posts – I will be giving a lot of time for JCAT in class, but even just 5 minutes a day on non-class days goes a long way to help with student engagement! So far, everyone has been engaged and participating, and I have to admit – their excitement is contagious, and I can’t wait to interact with them as my character!