Sixth Grade Jewish Studies

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Sixth grade is continuing our study of Sefer Shmot – the book of Exodus. Now that the Israelites have been redeemed from Egypt (just in time for Passover!!) they are tasked with the important job of becoming a community. This is harder than it seems – especially for a nation of former slaves who are still learning what it means to be free – but still obligated to follow the laws of HaShem.

We have seen how Moshe’s life lacked family-work balance because he was working all the time to solve the problems of the community. We  looked at our own lives – how are we spending our time, and how can we create a more balanced life? We also talked about what it means to organize a community and delegate tasks to other people, and why this is a necessary quality for any leader to possess. We also practiced giving advice, since Moshe’s father-in-law, Yitro (Jethro) comes and gives Moshe advice on how to add balance to his life by reorganizing the community structure. How do we give and receive advice in the most fair and appropriate way? We practiced by responding to Dear Abby letters and saw just how difficult this leadership challenge can be!

Coming up, we will be receiving the Torah – but first, there is a lot to prepare! We will be talking about how we prepare for a big event – relevant as many of our sixth graders prepare to become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah – and how we stay true to ourselves even in the face of peer pressure (the Golden Calf).