Sixth Grade Judaics Update

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In 6th grade Judaics, JCAT is sadly coming to a close. The JCAT Justices voted in favor of Rose Hermann, a granddaughter of one of the MS St Louis passengers, to receive reparations from the US Government because her ancestors were not allowed into America, which would have spared their lives. Your students have impressed me with their engagement and discussion throughout the course of the trial, and I have loved seeing them experience life through someone else’s shoes.


On Thursday, we had a guest visitor come to class; this guest happened to also be participating in JCAT but as an adult (graduate student)  mentor who would message students and try to get them more involved in the trial. This class session was very valuable as it gave the students a chance to process their experience and give feedback as to how JCAT worked well and what might be improved. It was great to hear them being so thoughtful and reflective about this project.
Looking ahead to next year, we will return to our study of Mishna as well as explore foundational texts from Shemot – Exodus. We will begin with a great topic for middle school – ADVICE!!! We will see what happens when Yitro (Jethro), Moshe’s father-in-law, gives him advice on how to organize and lead the nascent Israelite nation as they journey through the wilderness. I’m looking forward to learning with your students in 2015!!!