Sixth Grade Learns Exodus Chapter 18!!

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Sixth grade hit the ground running in terms of learning Torah when they came back from Winter Vacation!!! They reviewed the first 17 chapters of Exodus in the course of a week (whew!!) and have covered an entire chapter in-depth, and I am so proud of them!


They learned about a unique verb form in the Torah, the “Vav HaHipuch,” which basically makes a future-tense verb with the letter “vav” in front of it into past tense. This is easily the most popular verb form in the Torah (even though it is not used in modern Hebrew) and they are starting to recognize and be able to translate all instances of this verb.


Also in this chapter, we have learned about how to balance our lives (all work and no family for Moses made Yitro a very unhappy father-in-law), give advice in a constructive way, and organize a community by delegating tasks to others. They have also discussed the difference between hearing about a rumor second-hand, versus hearing about an event first-hand from the source. This chapter is filled with relevant topics and questions for Sixth Graders!!!


Their quiz on this Chapter will be Tuesday, February 3rd, and I know they will all rock it!!!

Coming up: We will be traveling to Mount Sinai in order to prepare to receive the Ten Commandments!