Sports and Sleep

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Dear Parents,

In Hebrew class we are learning Hebrew words related to sleep and dreams.

The students get to take a weekly quiz (usually on Fridays) about all the new words they have studied that week. It will be great to ask them on Thursday if they have prepared for the weekly quiz.

In class the students interviewed each other (in Hebrew) and composed essays about the sleep habits of their classmates, and also about their own sleep patterns. They also had to read an essay about the sleep habits of birds and answer questions about the text.

The pictures above are some of the art that the students created when they had to share some of their dreams…

In our advanced group the students continue to work on book reports, and also study about sports. They are congregating verbs in past, present and future. They are discussing issues of Judaism in sports, what is moral and what is not.  Today in class they interviewed their fellow classmates about sports, we may share the results in the next blog. Stay tuned…

If you have any questions or concerns, please be in touch (email is best).