Spotlight on 3rd Grade!

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Look Who Was Spotted in the Becker Science Lab! Third graders are experimenting with materials to explore how they react to water.

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Last Friday, we met our buddies in the Science Lab. Since the Kinders are counting pennies, and we were investigating Surface Tension. Ms. Duncan’s class & Mrs. Novy’s class combined forces! The third graders helped their buddies estimate how much water they thought the surface of a penny would hold. The third graders showed their buddies how to properly use a pipette as they counted the water drops together. While the third graders were recording their results, they allowed their buddies to do the same activity.
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After bidding a farewell to our buddies, we spent some time learning about how water molecules cling with a force that causes the surface to shrink. The third graders saw first hand how the drops stay together as if held together with an elastic skin.

Last week we also had the WONDERFUL opportunity to visit the Meadows Center in San Marcos. Please take a look at our fabulous adventure!

IMG_5589 Here the third graders were using pond water and looking at the insects as INDICATORS for the quality of the water. Just like researchers, we examined the life and investigated as to whether it could live in polluted, somewhat polluted or non-polluted water. If the students found bugs that could only live in clean water (which they did!) they determined that the water was not polluted.

Then we hopped aboard a glass bottom boat to explore Spring Lake first hand. The students observed the aquifer and the many creatures that live below. As you can see by their smiles, it was a wonderful learning opportunity!

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Finally, we ended our day at the San Marcos Fish Hatchery, which serves to protect the endangered species in our waters.

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What a great Adventure!!!!!