SPOTLIGHT on 3rd Grade

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Language Arts:
Students have all selected an animal from the Endangered Species list. The students are currently reading and identifying “the important details” (learning note taking skills) as they complete differentiated packets for their research project. Students are learning to use a daily project planner to set daily work goals. Once they have completed their research, they have been given a choice on how they want to present their information.

MATH: The first ten minutes of 3rd grade math are active warm ups. Students participate in mental math skills that sharpen their fluency abilities as well as increase their understanding of mathematical vocabulary. There are no paper and pencil activities – we use only concrete manipulatives and our brains to solve the problems. IMG_6435 IMG_6434 IMG_6433Here the students are calculating in their head to solve a listing tile problem. Then, as you can see Kira (on the right) is checking over her answers for accuracy.

During Math Centers students work on  “A Project” allows them to practice the skills that we are working on. These students are in two different math groups and they are using watercolors to paint buildings which they will create a “Multiplication City” – the building  windows will be added  to create multiplication arrays.

IMG_6440 IMG_6438  


In Science: Our science unit nicely integrates with our Language Arts. As students continue to read nonfiction texts we are building on their knowledge and vocabulary. We are very excited about our new musical “Biomes” and our songs are teaching us rich new vocabulary about adaptation, food chains and ecosystems.