Spotlight on 3rd Grade!

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Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Here are some dates for you to mark on your calendar. I am looking forward to having parents sign up for field trips & mystery reader at Back To School Night!

Tuesday, September 16th LCRA Field Trip – depart at 9:00 return by 1:30

Wednesday, October 1st ALL DAY Field Trip(2 locations) : Meadows Center & San Marcos Hatchery – depart at 8:30 return by 3:30

Last week we spent some time getting to know each other. One of the highlights was our Gallery Walk. Students walked around the classroom answering questions that will help me get to know them better. Briella and Sam really took the time to give me detailed information about themselves and their likes and dislikes.

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Writing is an important part of third grade. During the first week, the students spent some time personalizing their writing journals. I loved watching Avi and Jackson share stickers.


photo (8)photo

Our classroom economy system has started in full force. Below you will see Sami and Eliana busy checking Agam’s homework folder.

photo 1

Talia and Jonathan initiated “The Homework Game” this first week. They did a great job leading everyone in the game and recording their rolls!

photo 2


Third grade participates in a great deal of partner activities. One of the things we do to assure that students all work with various partners throughout the year is Clock Partners. At the beginning of the year, students set a date with classmates at various times on a clock. That way when we have an activity, we just call out a time and they check and see who they have a date with at that time. Below you will see the adorable third graders making dates with their classmates on a Clock Sheet.

photo 1Jackson & Matt - Clock Partners

In math, the students began working in their interactive notebooks. I am using this first unit to get to know the students and learn their abilities and comfort levels before I begin differentiating the work. During one of our first activities, the students worked in partners on a scavenger hunt through their math reference books.

Math Scavenger Hunt

After watching an animated movie on the Science Process Skills, we participated in an easy and quick experiment that allowed us to focus on the process. The activity was easy and required very little materials but the students were able to go through the process and understand the objectives. It was a lot of fun!

science skills science skills 3 science skills 2

It was a great week – I am so excited to spend the year with these amazing students!