Sukkah Project

Sukkah Project

Teacher: Heather Kantrowitz

Grade: 7th grade

Subject areas: Jewish Studies (Mishna), Engineering, Community Workshop, Art


AJA’s 7th grade class created model sukkot based on the specifications described in the Mishna as part of Jewish law. Each group was given a location (tundra, floodplain, city, jungle, desert) as well as a material restriction to add to the design challenge. Students needed to know which parts of their sukkah were “kosher” and which were “pasul” – or unfit to be called a sukkah. Students incorporated recycled materials into their projects, as well as practiced their workshop skills by cutting wood, carefully measuring materials and testing the strength of their designs.

Essential questions: 

What makes a Sukkah kosher or not kosher?
If the sukkah I build is not kosher, how does that affect the people I invite into my sukkah?

Why and how do we celebrate the holiday of Sukkot, how can we build a community together through sharing our sukkot with each other?


  • Research and understand the impacts of rules.
  • Understand if and how rules are created to help people live together in a functioning community.
  • Skill building with safe usage of power tools
  • Isometric sketches