A Super September in Second Grade!!

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Shana Tova!

Second grade has had a busy September! What an awesome bunch! Thank you, parents, for sending in your recyclable items to be used in our social studies project. Below you will find important dates as well as a recap of topics covered this month. We have A LOT going on in October.

Important Upcoming Dates:

October 2nd-14th– Second grade will be collecting items to take to Austin Pets Alive!

 October 13th– Second Grade Fundraiser for Austin Pets Alive! In class from 9:30-11:30. Parents do not need to attend but are more than welcome!

October 14th– Field Trip to Austin Pets Alive! *Send your fleece for the pet blankets to school with your child in a labeled bag.

October 24th Communities Project Presentation- All family members are invited (and encouraged) to attend this big event. Come see your child’s work on four different projects (art, technology, Judaics, and social studies) all related to the study of community. We will meet in the library after Shabbat services (approx. 8:40 AM).

Summary of topics covered in September:

Reading– The class learned how to summarize a story by telling the beginning, middle, and end in three complete sentences. We refer to this as a BME summary and will be using (and expanding) this concept throughout the year. Currently, students are learning to identify the main idea and supporting details of a reading selection. We will continue to work on this important skill during the month of October, as well as throughout the year. Students continued to review the elements of a story this month (characters, setting, problem, and solution). Asking your child to summarize, tell the main idea, or identify the story elements after reading is a great way to enforce reading skills at home. Remember, reading for at least 20 minutes a night is essential to a second grader’s education. Be sure to fill out those reading logs!

Writing– Students used their knowledge of sequencing stories into a beginning, middle, and end to help them write their own fiction stories. After making a dog puppet and reading several stories with a dog as the main character, students began to write their own story with their dog as the main character. As their prewriting, students came up with the beginning, middle, and end to their story. After that, they began expanding on those ideas to write their rough draft. We are currently finishing up this writing assignment. Students also reviewed letter writing and practiced writing a letter with a proper greeting, body, closing, and signature.

Language Arts- Students have learned that a complete sentence must have punctuation at the end and a capital letter at the beginning. They also learned that every sentence must be a complete thought containing a subject and a predicate. The class learned to identify the subject as the who or what a sentence is about and the predicate as what the subject is or does. Second graders also learned to identify a noun as a person, place, or thing. We will continue to explore nouns by talking about proper, common, singular, and plural nouns in October.

Math– Second graders are currently working on their basic addition and subtraction facts. While most second graders know how to add and subtract, the goal is for the facts to become automatic. This will give the students a solid foundation on which to build new skills. Students have also learned to identify coin names and coin amounts. Students have had real-world practice by visiting a pretend store and counting out coins. Currently, the class is studying patterns, place-value, and other number sense skills. Students practice identifying digit values, as well as writing numbers in standard form and expanded notation.

Social Studies- In partners, students are currently working on their communities project. After studying the three main community types, students wrote me an explanation of which one they liked best. After choosing either urban, suburban, or rural, students made a plan of their community on paper and then began designing the 3D version. Students are also working on special integrated projects in other classes. Please be sure to join us on Oct. 24th for a fantastic presentation!

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