Team 3 is a BUSY place to be

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Well the third grade pirates pulled it off! The students performed magnificently in the musical The Map of The World. The projects were amazing and the students truly enjoyed sharing their landform trading cards, their landscape monochrome paintings,  student created video games, artistic reflections based on researched Jewish landscape artists and their travel channel videos. Hopefully everyone was able to view our large world map where the students plotted their researched landform and its’ location in the world. All of these experiences began with note taking and learning about landforms in the classroom and blossomed into so much more.


Now we are moving on to more learning adventures…..

In Language Arts, the third graders are reading Sharon Creech’s book Love That Dog.

Love that dog

 This is the story of Jack, his dog, his teacher, and words. The story develops through Jack’s responses to his teacher, Miss Stretchberry, over the course of a school year. At first, his responses are short and cranky: “I don’t want to” and “I tried. Can’t do it. Brain’s empty.” But as his teacher feeds him inspiration, Jack finds that he has a lot to say and he finds ways to say it. Jack becomes especially fond of a poem by Walter Dean Myers titled “Love That Boy,” and it is this poem that gives Jack a way to tell the story of his beloved dog, Sky.

The students are enjoying the free verse style of poetry. They are also able to make many connections to Jack’s hesitancy in writing but, like Jack, they are extending themselves creatively with the freedoms of “free style.”

The students are also using poetry anthologies with partners to encourage them to read through many amazing poetry books. The students are having fun with “Scavenger Hunting” with partners in language arts.



In Math, we are reviewing the use of fractions and encouraging the understanding of equivalency. Third grade focuses on comparing fractional amounts preparing them to calculate with fractions in fourth grade. Many students are continuing to master their times tables, a third grade objective. I encourage you to continue working with your child if they have not yet mastered their multiplication facts.

The students will also be spending the next week preparing for their portfolio presentations. They have so many wonderful pieces to choose from, I am looking forward to sharing these with you and the school community.

We will also, somehow find time to explore and research about  their individual interests in space. We will use the remainder of the school year to increase our researching and expository writing skills.

It is a pleasure to spend my day learning with your wonderful children! Ilene