Team 3 Chai-lights!

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Team 3 has had a very busy week !


Language Arts:

Students have been working on defining what makes a good sentence. As we develop our writing, it is important that the students identify a good quality complete sentence. Here is what we learned:

A sentence is a group of words that follows one complete thought. All sentences begin with an uppercase letter and end with ending punctuation. All complete sentences have a subject and a predicate.

We are identifying these elements so that we will be responsible for these in all of our writing. The students had fun creating silly subjects and being matched with random predicates.

In Writing Workshop, we are focusing on writing personal narratives. The students were asked to tell a personal story about either a memorable or surprise event or  a special trip. Throughout the year, we will use sample student texts and rubrics as a teaching tool. Students will  spend the year focusing on the key elements, or traits in writing: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency & conventions.  They will learn to evaluate  a writing selection to learn what they should strive for in their own writing. We are currently identifying what makes a good personal narrative with the hopes that they will include these details in their own writing.

In Reading Workshop we are enjoying our class novel The Chalkbox Kid. We have had some wonderful discussions as we have explored what hardships might fall upon a 9 year old. We have also imagined our life if a family member lost a job and we were forced to move.

In Science we have begun setting up our Science Notebooks. We brainstormed and recorded facts that we knew about water. Then using a bathroom scale and a calculator,  the students determined the amount of water weight in their bodies by dividing their weight by 3 and multiplying that by 2. The students talked about when they lose a great deal of water that is called dehydration. We also talked about  that people lose water through urination and perspiration.

Unfortunately our first field trip was postponed but we will be rescheduling.

In Math we have been working on data interpretation. We have identified the meanings of minimum, maximum, median, mode and mean (average). We have spent some extra time on these and we will continue to revisit data concepts. Throughout the year we will use data landmarks and graphs to draw conclusions.

We have also spent a great deal of time on what we call CALENDAR MATH. Using the date, students work on many math facts such as: expanded, written and word forms of numbers, comparison of facts, adding double digits, facts surrounding time, multiplication facts & for those that are ready we are identifying prime and composite numbers. All of these interactive, classwide activities are active and differentiated.

Coming Up Next Week:
Math: Equivalent Names; The Language of Chance and Differentiation

Science: Evaporation; Salt water vs. Fresh Water & Getting Salt Out of Water & Making Fresh water out of Salt Water – a useful tool if you are stranded on an island in the ocean!

Language Arts:  Writing – Taking our drafting pieces to publishing; Reading – Continuing with our class novel as we explore how Gregory deals with adversity. Next week students will begin responding to their reading on a regular basis.

REMINDERS: Kippot patrol requests that you send your son with a kippot!

All 3rd graders should have a book that they are reading for pleasure on them at all times. Our class library is filled with selections and children are always encouraged to bring books from home. Chapter books are encouraged to continue to come back and forth from home and school as our class become skilled readers. Good Readers always have a book ready to go!

I wish you all a L’Shana Tova! Mrs. Novy