Team 3 Chai-lights

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What a GREAT 1st week – YEAH Team 3!

In Language Arts the students enjoyed  two wonderful books during writing: Thank You Mr. Falker and The Best Story to introduce Personal Narratives. Using their own real experiences or events, the students were encouraged to write for the purpose of entertaining or informing. We introduced that all good writing has the 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, Why & When. Next week we will continue to develop our ideas using a graphic organizer for support.Students were introduced to their Reading Notebooks. Next week we will continue to learn how these will become our biggest tools in Readers Workshop.

In math, students were very enthusiastic over our hands on math warm ups and calendar activities. Please ask your child to tell you about our hundreds chart search, algebra tiling as well as our popular Beat the Clock game! Math is extremely active in Room 232. This week we also began a scavenger hunt in our student reference book – this is important as they will learn to use references to find their answers and learn the third grade mantra….”3rd graders read to learn!”

Our focus this week in Social Studies has been on communities. We discussed the different communities in Texas (urban, rural and suburban), as well as the communities here in Austin that we are a part of. We also agreed that as a close-knit third grade class, we are our own classroom community within the larger AJA community. One of the many fun activities we do in third grade is our morning meetings. This is a time to build trust and cooperation within our classroom community. During the meetings, we discuss various topics and things that may be going on in our lives. We also like to involve parents, friends, and community members by bringing in “Mystery Readers” every Friday. We welcomed our first community visitor this week , our own  fantastic head of school, Ms. Hersh. She came and told the third graders a bit about herself and her family and read a wonderful story called  A Fine, Fine School.

What a Great Week – We’ve Got Ruach, Yes We Do!!!!!!

Next Week Topics Include (not limited to):

  • 1st week of Spelling Homework (individualized spelling list)
  • Introduce our class novel
  • Drafting our Personal Narratives
  • Introduction of Genres
  • Math Topics: Mathematical Tools; Analyzing & Displaying Data; Equivalent Names for Numbers & the Language of Chance

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Novy