Team 3 - The Place To Be!

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What a great day!


Together with the second graders we carried out an investigation in our outdoor lab using genetically modified fluorescent fish. These glofish were derived from the Zebrafish, which many remember having (or currently have) in an aquarium. We used thse fish with their designer colors to investigate the relationship of body color and habitat selection. This was a wonderful integrative lesson as second grade focuses on habitats and third graders learn about adaptations. Together we learned a wonderful song teaching us that Adaptation is “changes in the body to fit a location.” Fish possess a variety of adaptations that allow them to blend in with their environment to avoid detection by other animals. The students determined if the Glofish preferred a surrounding environment that is similar to their body color by making them appear to be part of the surrounding environment, or if it matters. Check with your “scientist” to see what their group learned. We checked the fish’s  location in 30 second intervals for a 12 minute time frame.

Just like real scientist, our  lesson turned a little unpredictable. In the morning we discovered that our lesson would  begin with a predator/prey relationship lesson as our “vegan” frogs ate most of our glofish. They had cohabitated for a week together but I guess that one night, everything changed! All in all, many lessons were learned and the students had a great time!

We ended our lesson with the students drawing their own water habitat and designing a camouflaged fish in their  environment.