Tech Lab Update

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Welcome to AJA Tech Lab! You can look forward to hearing from me every month about the happenings in our Tech Lab.

Elementary School
The elementary kids started Tech classes the second week of school and were all excited to be in the space. We spent the first class getting acquainted to each other, learning Tech Lab expectations (AJA PRIDE), and developing a big picture understanding of technology in general and the relevance of computational technology to their life. Over the next few months we will grow our skills with computers and familiarize ourselves with computational thinking in fun ways.

Middle School
Middle school students had two tech classes this month. After an introduction to fundamentals of computer technology literacy, the sixth graders challenged themselves on their keyboarding skills and the seventh and eighth graders got started on computational thinking through an introduction to Algorithms.

 I am looking forward to a wonderful year and joining all AJA students on their Technology Education and Programming journey.