The Buzz in 2nd Grade

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Schwartzville construction has begun! Our first social studies unit is on community, which continues to be a theme throughout the year. Our architects and construction workers have gotten a great start on their buildings, and we’re all excited to see how each community member’s ideas take shape. In preparation for the project, we’ve been learning about different types of communities, what makes a good citizen, why each of our chosen buildings are important, and community involvement.


We conclude our communities unit with a block party, where the buildings are displayed and parents are invited to take a “road trip” to Schwartzville. Keep an eye out for your invitation in the coming weeks! Following the block party, we will begin our first science unit, which will be all about weather.

In math, we are working on building number sense. Our math program involves the use of a lot of math tools and games which the students really enjoy. We have been practicing sequencing, filling in number grids, working with odd/even numbers, skip counting, place value, addition and subtraction, recognizing different coins and amounts of money, and telling time. These are all important math concepts that we will continue to build upon throughout the year.

Another fun way we practice our math skills is our class store. Students earn tickets throughout the week, and every other Friday they get to use their tickets to purchase prizes at the store. Students must count up their tickets and can then choose up to two items to purchase, after deciding what they can afford to buy and how much they might need to save up for larger purchases.

In language arts, we are focusing on writing detailed sentences using correct capitalization and punctuation. We discussed beginning with a capital and ending with a stop sign, which is a just fun way to help students remember how to write a sentence correctly. In addition, the students have daily editing practice in our DOL (Daily Oral Language) warm-up.  We’ve also been talking about nouns, proper nouns (capitals!) and adjectives, and using them to make our writing more descriptive. Our read-aloud this week is called Second Grade Friends. In class, we model making predictions, connections, and questioning during and after reading to check for understanding. Feel free to ask your child about COW, which stands for Connections, Observations, and Wonderings, and please continue to check that your child is reading for at least 20 minutes every night.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions. Happy holidays!

-Mrs. Schwartz and Ms. Farber