Third Grade Hebrew

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With the break in our holidays for a little while, Third grade has jumped in to our ברוכים הבאים unit full speed ahead!

The children have mostly masted their Hebrew greeting and have come a long way in their self introductions.

We also celebrated Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, which was on Tuesday and Wednesday this week! Since we love our different ברכות, well-wishes/blessings, we learned the customary greeting “חודש טוב” that is traditionally said on the first day of the New month. We had a super-mini celebration with super-mini (but tasty) cupcakes, as is also customary in Jewish tradition due to the special nature of the 1st day of the month.

I am sure your children have our “theme song” playing in their heads as they fall asleep at night…Well, at least I know I do! They are simply amazing at our word recognition game, in which they have to quickly find and show the class the words of the song playing amongst the plethora of words on our board.

This reinforces reading fluency as well as correct spelling and routine usage of the words we highlight in class.

Lastly, we have embarked on a completely new  journey, as we introduced the concept of the PAST in Hebrew: its related words and different conjugations. We are taking a slow and natural approach in entering and mastering this new territory.

The children are doing wonderfully!

I hope to see many of you next Monday!

All the Best,

Morah Yonit