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As the year comes to a close, we are finishing our year long Unit of טוב בכיתה!

We have only a few pages left before we can, hopefully, have a small סיום- final celebration to mark our accomplishments!

The students breezed through the section where we learned about what can be found in our pencil cases and book bags. We then introduced the verbs associated with each of these items and the different conjugations we may want to use.

We looked took a step back to discuss some Hebrew grammar basics and notes about proper spelling.

As usual, we are always practicing our reading! We read numerous books and were inspired to create a book of our own! I loved to see the students use their acquired skills in a completely open space to create something new.

We also touched on the holidays of Passover and Yom Haatzmaut-Israel’s independence day.

We learned about the four names of Passover that tell us about 4 of the main aspects of the holiday.

For Yom Haatzmaut we took a peak at the land of Israel and celebrated with with flags and a blue and white treat. We read a book that provoked us to think about and discuss what we know about or recall from our time in Israel.

I am looking forward to the next 3 weeks of learning with your children!

All the best,

Morah Yonit