Third Grade Hebrew!

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We’re flying in third grade Hebrew, having already started two of our yearly Hebrew units!

We launched the year with a Hebrew warm-up and an introduction to our Unit “טוב בכיתה שלי ושלנו.”

The children explored self introduction at a third grade level with the various conjugations of “ברוכים הבאים” (Welcome) as well as a more detailed portrayal of themselves.

Additionally, we introduced our Unit focusing on the Hebrew calendar and holiday related Hebrew-language learning. The third graders were blown away to find out that the Hebrew calendar is a whole separate entity form the Gregorian calendar we use and were excited to find out their own Hebrew birthdays!

We even had a change to celebrate two Hebrew birthdays already-Gabriella and Aviv! and found out that Evan and Itamar have matching birthdays in Tishrei, the first month of the year, later this month.

We have been exploring the current holidays with seasonal Hebrew vocabulary, books, activities, projects and even songs!

Of course, the holidays serve as a platform for us to explore a wider range of concepts in Hebrew and provide endless possibilities for acquiring new Hebrew skills; be it reading, writing, comprehension and the like…We have been working on it all!

I wish you all a שנה טובה  and חתימה טובה!

We are off to a great start!


מורה יונית

With Blessings,

Morah Yonit