Third Grade Jewish Studies Blog - March

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Third grade is continuing to learn the story of Avraham, and they have impressed me with their deep questions and curious attitudes about learning the text. We are continuing our conversation about hospitality and bravery as well as being an upstander instead of a bystander, since Avraham stands up for the (apparently nonexistent) righteous people of S’dom and Lot welcomes and protects his guests (angels in disguise).


Third grade is also learning about Purim – specifically about the various characters of the Purim story and their perspective on what was happening. They are going to rewrite a brief summary of the Purim story from the perspective of one of the characters – it should be highly entertaining!! They are also working on their writing skills by writing a letter from Vashti to Esther in order to give her advice, from one Princess of Persia to another. I can’t wait to see their final recommendations for the new Queen!


In addition, we are continuing to learn more of the Hallel service which we sing on special occasions such as Rosh Chodesh. We are also incorporating Ahavah Rabbah into our Tefillah routine and slowly beginning to learn its words, melody, and meaning.