Third Grade Jewish Studies

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Third Grade is off to such a terrific start in Jewish Studies!! For our study of Rosh Hashanah, we focused on the concept of “Sefer HaHayim” – The Book of Life – and made our own guidebooks for how to fix our mistakes in the coming year. Your students constantly surprise me with their thoughtful and kind approaches to life! We will continue this theme by studying the “Vidui” prayer (an acrostic confessional said on Yom Kippur) and writing our own acrostic prayer for how we want to live in the coming year.

We will also soon begin our study of Avram and Sarai, and their journey to being monotheists in the land of Canaan. We will primarily learn in chevruta – learning partners – with key words and character names in Hebrew. We will be learning one parsha (about 4 chapters) per trimester, and we will have finished the story of Avraham and Sarah (note the name change – your kids can tell you all about it soon!) by the end of the year.

Moving forward, we will be focusing on the idea of “Sukkat Shalom” – A Shelter of Peace – for Sukkot, as well as an Israeli Landform project to integrate with the geomorphology unit in General Studies. I am already enjoying learning with Third Grade this year, and I am so excited to see what the rest of the year will bring!!