Third Grade Judaics: Biblical Kindness and MORE!

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Third grade is doing GREAT in Judaics!!! We are having so much fun learning more about Avraham. We just read all about the generous ways that Avraham greeted strangers as they passed by his tent, and we brainstormed ways that we could all be more like Avraham and practice kindness – just in time for “Random Acts of Kindness” Week!  We also had a spirited debate about if these strangers were angels, God, or just regular men. We concluded that no matter who someone may be or where they may come from, we always treat them kindly and with respect! I look forward to moving on in Avraham’s journey with Third Grade!
We also had a beautiful opportunity to learn more about giving tzedakah (charity money) which connected doubly to other things they are learning – both Tu B’Shevat AND their General Studies curriculum!! We learned about Rambam’s “Ladder” of giving tzedakah, and that the best thing is to give someone a job, skills, loan, or education so that they can become self-sufficient. We also learned that it is better to give anonymously (so both the giver and receiver are “in the dark”). This is connected to Tu B’Shevat through the idea of giving tzedakah and “tithing,” as well as leaving the corners of your field un-harvested for the poor to collect. We have had some great discussions about how to allocate money – your children are so thoughtful and generous! I hope this will prepare them to decide where their Read-A-Thon money will go.

We’re also becoming excellent Tefillah leaders and practicing our prayer skills – we are currently working on reciting Birkot HaShahar – the morning blessings – in Hebrew instead of English, and I am so impressed with how ambitious this class is during Tefillah!!! We are also working on the “dancing” (proper choreography) of the Barechu and soon we will move on to the Amidah. 

Thank you for sharing your awesome children with me!!