Third Grade Judaics: Spontaneous Prayer, and more!!

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Shalom 3rd Grade families,

Today, we had a truly amazing and impressive conversation about prayer. We had just finished reading a story in Beresheet (Genesis) which tells us that Avraham’s servant, Eliezer, gave an impassioned plea to God for help finding a kind and generous wife for Yitzhak (Isaac) and for a sign to know his mission was successful. This launched a conversation about why we pray (as human beings and as Jews), and what types of things we pray for. We also discussed “fixed” prayer and using the words in the Siddur “versus” a more spontaneous prayer which comes from the heart, and I am very excited to continue this discussion – your kids have such wonderful ideas and are so connected to Tefillah!!!!!

Coming up, I look forward to finishing the Avraham and Yitzhak/Rivka (Rebecca) narratives, focusing again on kindness and generosity and hospitality – these were themes we saw earlier in the year, and they are repeated and hopefully will be solidified as important values for our Third Graders!!!

We will also continue to practice and grow our Tefillot – prayers – as well as return to the geography of Israel to reinforce what we learned earlier in the year. Additionally, while it is difficult to integrate the Solar System with Judaics, we have still found a way to incorporate Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut, as well as doing a mini-unit on the moon and Rosh Chodesh!! I am excited for all of this amazing learning with Third Grade!!!!!