Third Grade Judaics Update

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Third grade has just accomplished a major milestone – we finished Parshat Lech Lecha!!! The students have become experts at working together in chevruta – learning partners – to understand the stories, and their insights about the Torah constantly surprise me. They are looking forward to presenting their learning at the Chumash Ceremony on January 15th, and are already starting to practice the various components of this special day. I look forward to seeing you all there to celebrate your amazing children and their accomplishments in Judaics so far!


Third graders have also been completing their Israeli Landform projects, and they are really demonstrating a deep learning of these special places in Israel. I know I am looking forward to hearing them presented, and learning new facts about these landforms. This was a great way for them to take a look at some of the landforms they learned about with Mrs. Novy and think about Israel as a geographically diverse place!! They are amazed at how many different types of landforms are in such a small country (even though, as they pointed out, there are no glaciers or fjords… oh well!!).


In preparation for Hanukkah, we reviewed the basics of the Hanukkah story and also learned about a few different aspects. We discussed ‘religious freedom’ and the various things that Jewish people do which people have tried to ban over time. Many of them decided that they would be brave like the Maccabees and fight for what is right!! We also took a look at Hanukkah in Israel and what is different/the same. They loved seeing how “commercialized” Hanukkah is – including Chanukkiyot on the tops of cars – and learning about gourmet Sufganiyot!! YUM!

Happy Hanukkah, 3rd grade families!