Third Grade Judaics Update

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Third grade has such an exciting Judaics curriculum this year, I can’t wait to learn and explore more with them!!


So far, Third Graders are excellent Tefillah leaders – they love praying!! Everyone is enthusiastic to come up and lead our prayers, which we try to do every day. They have fun singing the prayers they already know, and are curious to learn even more. I can’t wait to go more in-depth with them about what some of their favorite prayers mean.


In preparing for the High Holidays, we looked at the “Ashamnu” prayer – the “confession” about the not-so-nice things that we (general human beings) might have done in the course of the past year. They all correctly noted that the words in the prayer were bad, so we broke into groups and used a thesaurus and/or dictionary to create a new kind of prayer – one filled with nice words that we hope we will be able to accomplish this year. An added challenge is that the prayer is an acrostic, so the students’ new prayer should also be in alphabetical order. So far, they are having lots of fun brainstorming all of the positive qualities they want to exhibit in the coming year!!


Third grade is an especially exciting year because this is the year students begin a more in-depth Torah study, beginning to read from the text in the original Hebrew. The story we will be focusing on this year is that of Abraham and his family. We haven’t delved in yet, but I look forward to getting started very soon, with a discussion and activity about Avram leaving his home and following God’s directions to travel to the Promised Land!