Transitional Kindergarten, Art- Ms.Slomowitz

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The First art project for this year was a self-portrait line drawing.

We started out by talking about all the different kinds of lines that exist such as curvy and straight.  We looked at how lines create shapes-geometric and organic in Art. Students then drew themselves to be included on the school T-Shirts using Sharpies. Each class will receive a t-shirt will all the students’ pictures as a souvenir.


Our next art project was making fruit for the Austin Jewish Academy Sukkah that will be erected for the SukkahFest at Whole Foods during Sukkot. Each child made and painted a papier-mache piece of fruit. Sukkot Festivities at the JCC will include children’s activities, food and more. Six winning Sukkahs will be on display at the JCC from the competition. Whole Foods Market Downtown will feature two winning Sukkahs on the rooftop, as well as a traditional Sukkah built by the Austin Jewish Academy.


We then worked on Apples Dipped in Honey/Fingers Dipped in Paint.  These wonderful creators experimented with tempera paints, fingers, scrapers and sponges. The artists first filled their pages with color using their fingers and hands, then used combs, forks and scrapers to create texture.  When the first layer dried, students used sponges to cut Rosh Hashanah symbols as stamps to embellish their creations.

The 15th of Sept is International Dot Day. We read “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds and then decorated and filled  a ¼ circle pizza slice shape using artstix and markers. Once all the pieces are complete we will assemble them together to create lots of big dots.

Our next art project with be  looking at collage and working on self-portraits using construction paper, scissors and glue.

Later in September, we will start working on  a group multi-medium collage where we will learn how to use most of the art supplies that we have in the art room. We will study Frank Stella (1936 – ), Paul Klee (1879 –1940) and Marc Chagall (1887 –1985) for inspiration.  Crayon, oil pastel, chalk pastel, water color crayon, water colors, paint brushes and tempera paints will be our tools of expression. We will learn to work as a team and together will  create a group art work.