Two Great Weeks in Grade Two

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Our first two weeks in second grade have been a blast! I have really enjoyed getting to know my new class. What a bright bunch! They are really doing a wonderful job of learning classroom expectations and procedures. Here are a few things that second grade started working on in each subject:


The class learned how to rotate to center stations and work independently while I work with a small group. They did this with ease and seem to enjoy the learning centers. Students were assessed in reading and are now in leveled reading groups. The children also received book boxes where they can store and read books of interest. The class has learned to identify the elements of a story. These are the title, setting, characters, problem, and solution to a story. These are all great things to ask your child about when you are reading. During our, “Second Day in Second Grade,” celebration students popped balloons containing comprehension questions for a “reading party.”


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Second graders were also assessed in math and are in leveled math groups. This past week, the class worked a lot on counting coins. Student reviewed coin names and values. They also practiced counting coins by playing a variety of math games and going to math centers. The class really enjoyed going to “Ms. Frazee’s Store.” At the store, students got to purchase a small toy of their choice and they paid with coins by counting them aloud. We are working on using the least amount of coins possible and counting the coins from the largest-value coins to the smallest-value coins. The store was so much fun and it allowed me to assess the students’ coin counting abilities! The class is also working on basic addition facts in a variety of fun and engaging ways such as dice games, bean bag toss games, and learning centers.

Writing/Language Arts

Writing in complete sentences is an essential second grade skill. Second graders learned that every sentence must have a capital letter at the beginning, punctuation, and a complete thought. They are in the process of learning to identify the subject and predicate of a sentence. Students also learned the correct way to write a friendly letter. They wrote a letter home to parents as well as a letter to the teacher. Ask your child if he/she remembers the, “Friendly Letter Song.” This song helps kids remember the parts of a letter: heading, greeting, body, closing, and signature. There are even cool dance moves to go with the song!


Learning the steps to the Scientific Method is another important part of second grade. Students also learned the, “Scientific Method Song.” This song helps them to remember the steps in the scientific method: problem, question, hypothesis, experiment, analyze, and drawing conclusions. In the Becker Science Lab, students conducted many experiments in order to practice the steps in the scientific method. They had a great time and seem to really enjoy science! Here are some pictures from the lab:


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