A View in Room 232

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Happy New Year!

Important Dates to mark on your calendar:

Wed. Feb. 8th Student Led Conferences (optional)

Thursday Feb. 9th 3rd Grade Chumash Ceremony

Monday Feb.13th 3rd Grade Fireside Mystery Night

Tuesday Feb. 28th Field Trip: Elizabet Ney Museum 9:30 – 12:00

Third grade has been so busy.Here is just a peak on some of what is happening…

Our third grade scientists investigated their water from home looking for contaminants. Students loved our lab where we explored fresh water looking for nitrates, hardness (the presence of calcium), Acidity, chlorine, iron and copper. Here take a look at our scientists at work:

After our lab, the students reflected in their science journals. We also enjoyed having a visit from our AJA founder who surprised us and was super excited to hear about our lab!

Our Genre Focus is MYSTERY! This is popular with the students. Using this wonderful genre, we can explore the story ARC – every mystery has one. Mysteries allow us to use the strategy of inferring. When we infer, we take what the author gives us and use our own schema to deduct what is happening!  This allows us to be detectives as we read and learn.

After completing our class novel Enclyclopedia Brown, Super Sleuth, students have selected a mystery that they will read with their peers in smaller book clubs.Next week,  Guided by an adult (Dr. Graham, Ms, Liebman and Mrs. Novy), the students will work cooperatively to  assign reading and writing activities and participate in wonderful discussions about their nightly reading. Here are some of the groups selections along with some of our entertaining read alouds!

Get ready…as students begin writing their own mysteries which they will be sharing at our first ever……. Fireside Mystery Night!