Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering at AJA is easy. We are all in this together, helping to nurture our students. Studies show that students with involved family members have higher grades, better social skills and improved behavior. Checkout all the volunteer opportunities and click the link to sign up.


High Need Opportunities

Pick up from Kosher Randalls – morning pickup



Caring for animals


Substitute at front desk as needed

Re-shelving picture books

Organizing different sections of the library by Dewey Decimal System

Weeding out-of-date books/resources

Organizing Jewish Picture books by holiday

Sell outdated library books/teacher resources on Amazon

 -Take photos of resources

 -list on Amazon and mail to buyers

 Scholastic Book Fair: Nov. 11-16

Books will be delivered in boxes on Nov. 8th or 9th—I will need help unpacking books and set up

Decorating the Garden of Readin… the Book Fair theme is: Enchanted Forest

Parent sign-up times for sales during school day

  • Participate in the design, and organization of the new makerspace.

Fundraising Opportunities

Gala Volunteer Opportunities…

House Party Volunteer Opportunties…

Coordinate Collections

Run Contests

Set up and ship submissions

Event Opportunities

Recruit panelists

See Heather K.

Picture Day  Volunteer Opportunities…

Chairs are needed to manage the purchasing and staffing of the concession stands. Concession volunteers are also needed to oversee concessions sales during specific sporting events throughout the school year working with team parents. This is a great way to volunteer if your child is participating in a sport. The volunteers are coordinated by the Parent Association.

Ticket sales, concession, flower sales

School-Wide Shabbat Dinner Volunteer Opportunities…

Taking pictures at events

Shooting Video at events

Grade-Level Volunteer

Shopping for Pumpkin Party

  • Use Petty Cash from office
  • Assure all items are Kosher

Guest Speakers to share passion or profession

  • Examples: A doctor to talk about germs,  Someone who knits, Someone who gardens

Guest Reader – Every Friday at 10:00 AM

  • Guest will pick a book

Laminating – Game and Centers items

Drivers for Trip- Nov 30 Sustainable Food Center

2nd Grade Volunteer Opportunities…

Trip to Austin Humane Society – October 3 – Leave AJA at 1:40 – Return 3:20

Mystery Guest/Reader 9-21, 9-28, 10-5, 10/9, 10/16, 10/26 (more dates to come)

Field Trip Drivers – November 15 to Poetry Slam  – 11:00 AM

5th Grade Volunteer Opportunities…

For Risa Ferdman – Shelf and and Catalog Books in Room 236

Hebrew / Jewish Studies Opportunities…

Art project preparation- sorting artwork per grade, cutting papers/ cardboard etc for classes

Mounting artwork

Hanging and dismantling artwork from hallways

Building and unpacking kilns

Setting up artwork for art shows including mounting, hang and dismantling

Room Parent Responsibilities / Training

Field Trip Volunteer Opportunities…

Holiday Gifts…

Opportunities that do not have to happen at school