Water, water, everywhere!

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In conjunction with our Jewish Studies about Noah, the forty days of rain, and the flood, we are beginning a unit on water. I hope you have fun doing your first family project about water together with your child.

As we culminated our unit on Apples we had a fun apple tasting party. We tasted applesauce, apple pie, dried apples, apples on a stick, apple juice, and each child tasted one red apple jelly belly, and one green apple jelly belly. Ask your child to sing you the song that begins “Apples on a stick, apples on a stick. . .”

On the 30th day of school Zero the Hero left a Slinky for each child. The children look with great anticipation for each new 10th day of school, finding the bag with the big zero on it and guessing what might be inside that is the shape of a zero. Only seventy days until the hundredth day of school!

Here are some curricular highlights.


  • Analyze, compare, and compose shapes
  • Identify and describe shapes
  • Repeating and growing patterns
  • Nature patterning
  • Sound and action patterning
  • Count to tell the number of objects
  • Comparing numbers
  • Top-it and Match-up card games
  • Triangle and circle collages
  • Beginning addition and subtraction
  • Number recognition
  • Describe and compare measurable attributes
  • Classify objects and explain thinking
  • Ongoing calendar math
  • Growing number line
  • Zero the Hero visits

Language Arts

  • Introduction to Writer’s Workshop
  • Generating ideas for writing and getting our great ideas down on paper
  • Reinforcing concepts of print
  • Letter sounds
  • Rhyming
  • Syllabication with names and common objects
  • Vowel sounds
  • Letter writing
  • Comprehension activities
  • Sequencing story lines
  • Books: Rooster is Off to See the World, Apple Trouble, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, I Like Apples, Tapooach Means Apple, A Hunting We Will Go, Ape in a Cape, Ten Little Apples, A Day at an Apple Orchard
  • Song and Poem Binder: “Way Up High in the Apple Tree,” and “ I Like to Eat Apples and Bananas”
  • Tracking print with pointers
  • Shared and interactive writing
  • Composing questions for our field trip to the fire station

Science and Social Studies

  • Creating a behavior contract for being ready to learn
  • Apple tasting party
  • “What do we know about apples” board
  • “erupting” apple volcanoes
  • Why do we need water
  • What jobs require the use of water
  • Brainstorm what we know about water
  • Getting the fall garden ready to plant
  • Field trip to fire station- discussion about their job and why they need water
  • Seeing a female in a male dominated profession
  • Writing a thank you note to firefighter Rikki


The children continue to look for ways to be helpful around the class and with their classmates. The girls are making progress in helping each other problem solve with disappointments and social frustrations which is a part of life.

Please mark the date for our big Kindergarten Family Thanksgiving Celebration on Tuesday, November 24 at 11:45 in the MPR. The children will be making lunch for themselves and for you as well as putting on a program.

Here are some pictures from our apple volcanoes, applesauce making, categorizing activities, math games, and the fire station:



IMG_2386            IMG_2427