Welcome to our 3rd Grade Adventures!

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We are off to a great start as we  embark on the Adventures of 3rd Grade. Our lovely and lively group was excited to reunite while welcoming our new classmate Talia to the community. As we returned, we have been spending time creating SMART GOALS. Can’t wait for you to see your child’s “goal suitcases” on Back to School Night,  as we prepare for our year long learning travels.

We began the year charting our summer travels. Our new Social Studies theme is Global Citizenship. As a traveler, I am excited to explore the themes of citizenship throughout the year.

Math Workshop has begun. I would like to share a few photos of the students as we practice some of the routines.

thumbnail_IMG_5182     thumbnail_IMG_5183

thumbnail_IMG_5184        thumbnail_IMG_5187


In the photos above, students use tiles to work through mental math activities. In these activities, students are given 5-7 problems orally that they solve using 0-9 digit tiles. Mental math builds fluency and confidence.

We have also begun practicing our daily routine rotations which include Fact Practice & Center Time (Math Games). These are great ways to practice and apply the math – students see it as an enjoyable and active time!

thumbnail_IMG_5195 thumbnail_IMG_5194

I am enjoying getting to know your adorable children and am looking forward to a fun filled year!