Welcoming Springtime in First Grade:

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We’ve had 4 busy weeks since our last post and spring has arrived in first grade if not quite yet on the calendar!


We sprouted different types of bean seeds and are growing our own plants.  We learned about the life cycle of a plant, then studied pollination and created models and built our own pollinators, and now we are learning about photosynthesis (how green plants make their own food).

Social Studies/ELAR

We invested lots of time and hard work into researching, writing, editing, and publishing our non-fiction books about China.  We designed unique book covers and our work is on display on the bulletin board outside of our classroom. First graders are each getting the opportunity to lead story time and in phonics we’re practicing the vowel-consonant-silent e pattern.

Everyday Math 4

We took our mid-year assessments and are now nearing the end of Unit 7.  We’ve learned to tell time to the hour and half hour, made our own practice clocks, practiced addition and subtraction fact families and finding the missing digit in equations, and learned about defining and non-defining attributes of shapes.

Thank you to all of our wonderful 1st grade parent volunteers who have driven and chaperoned for our recent field trips to the Natural Gardener and the Cat in the Hat at Georgetown Palace!