What's happening in 1B?

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The past couple of weeks have been fun ones!  Thank you to all of our fabulous first grade families for helping us learn about our families’ cultures and important places.  We took time to enjoy a beautiful autumn day and posed for a group photo with our show-and-tell items.


 In Math, we made our own board games and then partnered with other classmates to play them.  Our new skills this unit include measuring length in inches and non-standard units (using our hands and the feet attached to our bodies).

In reading groups, we’ve been practicing using expression in our voices to match the text.  We divided into groups and acted out skits where we tried to convince our ‘robot-voiced’ classmates to add some feeling to their words.

imageWe have been hard at work on our storybooks and to help us bring our stories to life, we built dioramas with our teammates to illustrate a scene from each one.

Last, but not least, we got together with our 5th grade buddies and made homemade natural hand sanitizer.  It was lots of fun and we even included some of the aloe that we’ve been growing!  In case you want to try it yourself at home, here is the recipe we used:


1/3 c Natural Aloe Vera Gel (or equivalent made from aloe leaves)

2/3 c Witch Hazel (can substitute rubbing alcohol)

8-10 drops each of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils

Mix together and add to an empty container to dispense.  Enjoy the benefits of this homemade germ fighter!