Wonderful Winter in Second Grade

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Winter Break: Dec. 19-Jan. 4- Classes resume Jan. 5

Enjoy the break!!

The month of December was a fun time of discovery and learning for second grade! Read the summary below of what AJA second graders studied this month.

In reading, students learned how to make three different types of connections to the text. Students learned to make text-to-self connections in which they connected the story to their own lives. They made text-to-text connections in which they connected the story to another story they have read in the past. Additionally, students made text-to-world connections in which they connected the text to real-world situations. After reading a chapter book in class, students wrote summaries and gave one example for each connection type. Second graders are currently expanding their summary writing skills from writing a three sentence summary to writing a five sentence summary. The class continued to study cause and effect by making various graphic organizers in their reading response journals. All students also read a second chapter book this month and used this book to focus on and practice various comprehension strategies. For fluency, reading groups read and practiced fun fluency poems. Rereading poems and short passages is a great way to practice fluency over the break!

One area of focus in math for the month of December was review two-digit subtraction problems with regrouping. Students learned to write, solve, and even explain two-digit regrouping problems. Students also wrote their own word problems that included two-digit subtraction. The class seemed to really enjoy the challenge of more complex math problems. Recently students have also reviewed and expanded on their knowledge of counting money. They learned to write money amounts in two ways, using the dollar sign and one using the cent sign. The class learned to subtract from $1.00 (regrouping across two zeros) to make change and also to count up to make change. They then chose the strategy that works best for them. Second graders enjoyed visiting “Ms. Frazee’s Store,” where they got to use their money-counting skills in a real world situation. They practiced adding money amounts, using the least amount of coins, and giving change. This was a lot of fun….especially because the kids really got to “buy” prizes!

In writing, students learned how to write a paragraph in proper format. Students learned to have a topic sentence that introduces the main idea, supporting details that tell more about the topic, and a conclusion sentence that wraps up the paragraph. After learning about opinions vs. facts in language arts, they wrote an opinion paragraph based on an opinion of their choice. Later, students learned about expository (how to) writing. After choosing something they felt they were knowledgeable about, they wrote paragraphs telling steps for how to complete a task. Students then learned about transition words such as first, next, then, and finally. They added these to their paragraphs in order to improve them. Students will practice the important skill of paragraph writing throughout the school year.

The class continued the weather unit in science. The field trip to KVUE was a lot of fun! The class especially enjoyed learning about the green screen! It was cool to see all of the equipment the station uses and to meet a meteorologist. In this unit, the class learned about storms, including tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and thunderstorms. The children had fun making thunder by slapping foil and lightning by using flashlights. We took turns counting the time between thunder and lightning to determine how far away the lightening was. We even did an experiment in which we made a cloud form inside of a glass jar. It was really cool! The class also collected the data from the rain gauges that they made. They also made wind vanes to determine the direction that the wind is blowing. Below you will find a picture of the class at KVUE, pictures of VIP day, and a photo of our cloud experiment done in technology! Enjoy!


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