About Us

About Us

Welcome Letter from the Head of School

Shalom and welcome! We are delighted to share Austin Jewish Academy with you. You will find that students at AJA are expressive, creative problem-solvers, secure in their Jewish identities and excited to learn. That’s no coincidence.

We teach students the skills they need to succeed in an ever-changing world. Our Project Based Learning curriculum connects classroom experiences to the real world and encourages personal choice from kindergarten through graduation. Pop your head into a classroom at AJA and you’ll see incredible student engagement; from elementary students writing and performing plays about different perspectives on Torah stories to our middle schoolers delving into social entrepreneurship. We believe that being able to express yourself through collaboration, presentations, and creative pursuits is a crucial component for success.

Our students are excited to learn, and that joy in education is possible because of the unique environment at our school. We believe in Whole Child Education and providing a safe environment for our students to learn and grow through Dr. Becky Bailey’s research-based philosophy Conscious Discipline and the careful attention we give to Social Emotional Learning. When we teach the next generation the value of both personal resilience and compassion to ourselves and others, we can inspire a community of students to transform the world guided by timeless Jewish values and traditions.

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Cheryl Hersh
Head of School


Since opening its doors in 1997, Austin Jewish Academy (AJA) has been committed to preparing young minds both for their academic careers and for their roles as critically-thinking leaders. Austin Jewish Academy is a community Jewish day school open to all students and is affiliated with Prizmah, a non-profit organization that promotes pluralistic non-denominational Jewish education. AJA receives accreditation through AdvancED and is sustained with the generous financial support from the Jewish Federation of Greater Austin.

Educational Philosophy

During the nine-year span from Kindergarten through Grade 8, children deserve a relevant, rigorous and joyful academic and co-curricular program. With that in mind, three points of focus guide Austin Jewish Academy’s educational philosophy: Project Based Learning, Social Emotional Learning, and Jewish Studies.

Students at Austin Jewish Academy take ownership of their learning within the framework and guidance provided by our exceptional faculty. The Project Based Learning curriculum teaches students to collaboratively solve real-world problems. Teachers work together to meet individual student’s needs, so every child experiences deeper learning and develops high expectations of personal excellence.

We are an inclusive community of learners, and integrate Social Emotional Learning at every level within our school culture to empower students to navigate the world in a healthy way and enable sound decision making. Students develop strong relationships with their classmates, across grade levels, and with faculty. Graduates move on to high school with character, confidence, and the ability to self-advocate.

We are dedicated to inspire in our students an enduring commitment to spiritual growth and a meaningful connection to Jewish life now and for the future. As a community day school, AJA acknowledges and honors the diverse spectrum of Jewish life, instead of teaching one “right or wrong way” to practice Judaism. Learning about Judaism is also about living Jewish values and traditions, not just in the Jewish Studies classroom but as an integral part of school culture.

Our exceptional community of families and teachers raises our students to be today’s accomplished, innovative thinkers and tomorrow’s compassionate problem-solvers and leaders.

Mission Statement

To create a better world by raising students to their full academic, social, physical and spiritual potential guided by timeless Jewish values and traditions.

Vision Statement


Inspire a community of students to transform the world.

Core Values

Practicing honesty, respect, kindness and compassion.
Learning through timeless Jewish values and Torah, infusing students’ lives with meaning and purpose.
Providing students with the tools to reach their full potential.
Collectively raising our children within a safe and nurturing environment.
Challenging students across all disciplines with the highest standards and an integrated curriculum to create life-long learners.
Tikkun Olam

Creating a model community and improving the welfare of society at large.